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What you'll see here Scans of Anime things, mostly CLAMP, Jump SQ Manga scans as well (contact me if want something specific from the magazine). And occasional gifs that describe my life.
Did I mention I scan stuff? Lots of stuff, so get it here first before the filters and saturation gets applied by others

Hana Advertisement for: Gate 7 Chinese Zodiac Contest, for any fan artist to participate.
Details on the Deviant Art Group Page Here
Everyone is welcome, current end date is 10th of February, but that may be extended.

Kamui Scans from the X: Perfect Book
Scanned by khallandra, see the CLAMP tag on my blog for other CLAMP related scans


Gate 7 - Special: Urashichiken Summer

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If you could please wait a day before putting on the online readers that would be great - thank you. Also Volume 4 now available, grab yourself a copy, it’s quite nice :)


[Standard Disclaimer] I have translated this from the Chinese scanlations from ECYMD, but I think you should just read them as sort of a guide, because telephone translations (i.e. translations from translations) aren’t very accurate at times. But I hope that you will enjoy it at any rate! :)

Obligatory shout-out: Support CLAMP! Support the scanlators! :D

Requested by syaoransama :)

I haven’t been following Gate 7 at all, but I think I don’t think that it affects the translation much (as syaoransama rightly predicted!) Though I have to say, it took me a while to realise that 裏七軒 referred to Urashichiken. No. But seriously.

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Hey guys check out this awesome translation whilst I’m waiting to see if my translator is able to work on the Japanese raws - then I will put up a scanlation at Urashichiken (I’ve got it all cleaned up already). If anyone can do a Japanese translation please let me know :) SFX already done just need the text ;) Credit will be given, just let me know what you’d like.

Gate 7 Special


CLAMP art exhibition to be held in Kyoto

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Bad News: No Chapter in September (#9) Issue of Jump SQ for Gate 7 (nor Kenshin)

So how about drawing a picture of Sakura instead?Gate7-Clamp @ DeviantART

Bad News: No Chapter in September (#9) Issue of Jump SQ for Gate 7 (nor Kenshin)

So how about drawing a picture of Sakura instead?
Gate7-Clamp @ DeviantART

Chapter 10 is now available on the Jump SQ website
(for me it remains up for a month then they take it down after that, sorry don’t have copies of 8 and 9)

Rurouni Kenshi Restoration - Chapter 10
From Jump SQ Issue 7 2013

English Volumes are Available at BookDepository: Volume 1 Volume 2 (pre-order)

No Psycho Pass: Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane chapter was in Jump SQ this month, I have been informed it’s now a ‘web only’ manga (?) and perhaps that is what this announcement is indicating.

If the manga is no longer in the printed Jump SQ I will not be able to scan it in any more. If it comes back into print I’ll scan it in again.

The announcement on the side is Volume 2 has been released : Available at CD Japan

Toyotomi Allies Week @ DeviantArt Gate 7 Group
Come join us!

In other news no chapter this month, no message, no word as to when it is coming back either. Frankly I’m considering cancelling my subscription because it is so expensive and it’s been on hiatus more than present this past year. Investigating alternatives (send me a note if you have any).

Binbougami Ga! Chapter (Round) 71
Including quiz answer pages
Link: mediafire

Psycho-Pass - Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane Chapter 7
Scans from Jump SQ 2013 Issue 6
Link: mediafire


Gate 7 Inspired: Tachibana Kimono Top by =Khallandra

That’s me (:still surprised here:) I made this as something I can wear outside of conventions as well (bottom left), the flowers I drew (as the scans I had were very small) then digitised, then got a place to embroider for me before I stitched them on.